Friday, May 29, 2009


We went to a animal hospital today at the Healesville Sanctuary. We saw an autopsy of a Kangaroo. It was very "scientific" First, they laid the dead kangaroo on the metal table. It had been dead since Wednesday, so it smelled very bad. They cut open the skin of the kangaroo with special scissors. We were able to go behind the scenes, into the room, or we could watch from behind the glass. I went behind the scenes, but left early. It was too "scientific" for me. So as it continued, he removed the spleen, stomach, and liver out of the kangaroo's body so there was only an empty whole left in the kangaroo. It was interesting.
p.s. Mrs. McGuire didn't watch. She said "I would not do well as a doctor." I can't believe I watched it!


  1. Oh Gosh... Tell Mrs. McGuire she has to be present at every little thing to give us all @ NVLA details.... We are so jealous we could not go with you guys. Take care pretty girl.

    Love you. Ms. Eva!

  2. Hi Tyanna It's Arielle its nice to know that you're having fun. The class field trip to Big Rock Creek was fun . I can't wait to see you .

  3. Tyanna,
    Good job for going in and watching. I love hearing about your adventures and seeing the photos.
    Ms. Shannon

  4. Hi Sweet Pea,
    I see you are have a great time. Cannot wait to see you.
    Love and miss you. I see you are learning a lot while you are having tons of fun.

    Nana, hugs and kisses!!