Friday, May 22, 2009

Count Down to Australia

Hi my name is  Tyanna. I'm in 6th grade and I go to New Village Leadership Academy in Los Angeles, California. I love to sing, dance, and be a drama queen! Oh and I love making people laugh. I also love the book series Twilight. I'm on the book "Twilight".  

Can't wait! I looking forward to koalas. THREE MORE DAYS, until my Australian adventure!!! I am soooo..... excited. 

What do you want you hear most about, pics or what? Let me know.


  1. Tyanna,
    You are missed by your classmates in Room 203. We are all wanting to hear about everything you do in Australia. Your blog will be checked daily! Have a good time, and keep us updated.
    Ms. Carolyn

  2. Hi Tyanna,

    I hope you are enjoying Australia so far! How is the time change? Are you sleepy? Can't wait for the next blog entry! Love, Dr. Jacquie

  3. Tyanna,
    I will be checking in every day to hear about all of your wonderful adventures, Down Under.

    Ms. Piano

  4. Hi beautiful Tyanna.... I miss you lots. Are you having lots of fun in behalf of the NVLA crew. Hope you have a great time out there. LOVE YOU, Ms. Eva!

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  6. Hi baby :)
    Great hearing from you yesterday!! I've been following your adventures everyday and I'm so proud of you all. Everyone misses you back home. Love you and talk to you soon!!